I’m pretty sure I made a post a few weeks ago saying I would limit my pictures of Camber Sands beach.  Unfortunately I received a new camera for Christmas so I’m like a child in a sweet shop.  I do have to say that even I’m getting a little bored of sunsets so today I bring you a sunrise…..

Sunrise in Camber Sands

Sunrise on Camber Sands beach

This is one of the benefits of the sun rising later in the winter.  I also had the added advantage of being the only one on the beach for around an hour.

I’m making the most of this mild weather by taking the children out on lots of walks. If you catch the tide you’ll find the seagulls picking up the cockles, flying to around five metres in height and then dropping them on the sand in order to break open the shell.  It’s fascinating to watch the younger birds try and fail by not flying high enough. Then to have their cockle swiped.

It’s a cruel world and best they learn early!

On other developments I notice the pontins site is undergoing a long overdue facelift.  It was bought out of receivership by the Britannia hotel group in 2010 I believe.  Hopefully we won’t bump into many people that leave half way through their stay because of the filthy rooms.

On a lighter note, I’m now getting back into the working habit as the children are firmly settled at School. I shall be doing alot of Social Networking whilst I start my new business. Hopefully I’ll manage to speak to people without reverting back to as though I’m dealing with a five year old!