After living in Camber Sands for over a year my family haved decided to come down.  Now I’m more than happy to see my Mother, Father, Step Mother, Step Father, Brother, Sister, Other Sister, Brother in Law, two nieces and a nephew.  In fact I’ve been asking them to visit for a long time.  What I didn’t expect was for them to all come down for a week in the middle of October.  We get lots of visitors during the summer months, it’s something you come to expect living next to a sandy beach and I’ve managed to sort out a few no fail itineraries that keep even the most picky of house guest busy!

But what to do with them in the winter months I wonder.  I’m torn between renting a couple of houses on Whitesands to pile them all into or looking somewhere further afield where my father can enjoy a spot of carp fishing and I won’t be on constant call.    I’ve been told the camber sands holiday parks aren’t that great so I’m considering a few static caravans near  Hastings which seem to cater to my Father’s choice of sports whilst keeping Mother busy on the nature trails or exploring the Old town.