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I’m pretty sure I made a post a few weeks ago saying I would limit my pictures of Camber Sands beach.  Unfortunately I received a new camera for Christmas so I’m like a child in a sweet shop.  I do have to say that even I’m getting a little bored of sunsets so today I bring you a sunrise…..

Sunrise in Camber Sands

Sunrise on Camber Sands beach

This is one of the benefits of the sun rising later in the winter.  I also had the added advantage of being the only one on the beach for around an hour.

I’m making the most of this mild weather by taking the children out on lots of walks. If you catch the tide you’ll find the seagulls picking up the cockles, flying to around five metres in height and then dropping them on the sand in order to break open the shell.  It’s fascinating to watch the younger birds try and fail by not flying high enough. Then to have their cockle swiped.

It’s a cruel world and best they learn early!

On other developments I notice the pontins site is undergoing a long overdue facelift.  It was bought out of receivership by the Britannia hotel group in 2010 I believe.  Hopefully we won’t bump into many people that leave half way through their stay because of the filthy rooms.

On a lighter note, I’m now getting back into the working habit as the children are firmly settled at School. I shall be doing alot of Social Networking whilst I start my new business. Hopefully I’ll manage to speak to people without reverting back to as though I’m dealing with a five year old!


Kate moss suffers for her art at Camber Sands in 1990

I often hear rumours of photo shoots at Camber Sands beach but always seem to miss the actual event.  So far I’ve heard of Bernard Cumberbatch spending time in Rye and on Camber Sands filming the period drama; Parade’s End, The activia advert, an insurance advert and the boyband one direction all appearing in the last year.

Going back a bit further Kate Moss appeared on the beach with photos taken by Corrine Day.  This photo shoot apparently put her on the map. I’m sure she was pleased with the location as Camber Sands is only an hour or so away from her lovely Croydon.

My personal favourite though is the Robert Dowling Pink Floyd cover for their album Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Pontins finally upgrade their accommodation at Camber Sands

I’ve reliably been informed Camber Sands now has a number of companies offering turnaround services on holiday lets that will quote for making those beds.

I’ll be keeping my ear to the group and eyes peeled for the next film shoot.  I’m investing in some 18th century clothing and will be parading up and down the beach so I’ll be able to step in at the last minute should Bernard Cumberbatch need a leading lady in his next period drama.

If any of the twenty four people who have actually read my blog have anymore knowledge of famous film shoots that took place in Camber then please feel free to let me know.

Christmas trees being put to good use in Camber Sands

Camber Sands & Rye restaurants are well known for sourcing their produce locally.  Be it Romney marsh lamb or scallops caught by the fishing fleet in Rye harbour.  In Copenhagen Rene Redzepi;  the ‘willy wonka’ of food science will cook up your old Christmas tree for £150.00 a head.  after my morning pilgramage to the beach I thought the Gallivant bistro had got in on the act and decided to add Romney Marsh Christmas tree to it’s menu.

Fortunately after I decided to be nosey and enquire where all the trees had come from it transpires they have been donated by the good people of Rother to help sustain the dunes at Camber Sands.

Running off into the sunset at Camber Sands

I appreciate my posts are a little top heavy with pictures of Camber Sands beach but when you have it on your doorstep it’s foolish not to take advantage.  Prior to moving down to the coast my only experience was sitting in the throngs of traffic on a hot day with the kids crying out ‘are we there yet’  Whilst I do love nothing more than feeling the heat of the sun I’m beginning to like the beach more when there’s a chill in the air (and less people on it).

Today seemed to be one of the last days before the kids go back to school so it was again full of people making the one hour journey down from London during the day.Due to us now being ‘locals’ we managed to capture 20 minutes to ourselves at the end of the day.  My Daughter Ellie is still managing to to have fun despite the thought of school tomorrow.  Thankfully she’s granted me the permission to print her images, although she’ll be consulting her agent about any future royalties!


a bit cold for me but the kite surfers enjoyed the wind

After a evening meal for New Years Eve at the Gallivant hotel in Camber we managed to get out early, or what the family thought was early to enjoy a refreshing walk along Camber sands beach.  It appeared that we weren’t the only people as the beach was the busiest I’ve seen it for a while in the winter.

Last night’s meal in Gallivants was lovely with a small disco afterwards that allowed my friend and I to hit the dance floor.  my husband, bless him even gave it a go but love him as I do I didn’t marry him for his rhythm.  When he decides to dance I always feel obliged to carry out a risk assessment and notify anyone within a five metre radius that they are risking personal injury.  All this was topped of nicely by some fireworks at midnight.  We then got the added benefit of being able to see the pontins display which went off shortly after.  I’m so grateful we have the Gallivant restaurant in the village as taxis back from the nearest town of Rye need to be booked days in advance – still, that’s one of the charms of living in a villiage I suppose.

Here’s to a brilliant 2012

A gift from the queen or a lost swan?

A quiet Christmas for all the family.  We had a lovely Christmas day lunch in the local gallivant bistro followed by a walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs away and burn a few calories off.  When we returned we noticed the queen had been kind enough to donate a lone Swan to the Whitesands development.  He’s still there four days later and I think a few of the neighbours have taken him under their wing so to speak so I don’t think he’ll be going far while the food keeps flowing.

Sunset at Camber Sands in Christmas

Sunset on a cold Camber Sands day

One of the best things about living by the sea is the amazing sunsets we get at all times of the year.  This one was taken on the 28th of December and is perhaps the best I’ve seen this winter.  I managed to quickly drag the family away from Bedknobs & Broomsticks just in time to see the sun going down.

Only a few people dare brave the beach this Sunday - All mine!

Just as the title describes there was a beautiful rainbow behind the wind turbines when I walked into rye today for a meal at the Union Arms.  Unfortunately my camera phone is didn’t manage to pick it up so a camera it is for Christmas please Santa!  Those that have been to Camber before will know it’s quite a flat landscape up to Rye as it was all under water.  Rye was built as a port and defence to stop the French attacking.  Little did they know that in 500 years the streets would be double parked with French, German and Dutch cars thanks to P&O ferries.

Anyway I digress,  I’m a massive fan of the wind turbines and feel that add a bit of character to an otherwise flat landscape.  If you catch them in the morning on the road from Camber to Rye you’ll often see the clouds breaking above them with the sun reflecting beautifully.

Our meal was very nice and quite cheap for the town of Rye.  Whilst the area has some excellent restaurants they can be quite pricey.  However, the Union arms offer a sunday lunch for £7.50 which I think is very reasonable indeed.

This was followed by a walk on the beach so as you’ll see I’ve posted some obligitory beach/dog shots