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As the Christmas period is well and truly over I convinced my delightful husband that it’s time to start planning our summer holidays.  With three children and a dog to cater for previous experience has told me it pays to plan and book early.  With this in mind we first had to work out a destination.  In the past we’ve loaded up the volvo and headed off to the South of France, Been on the eurostar for a week (yes, a week) at Euro disney and an epic flight to Australia for two weeks touring around the country in a large campervan.

Then it dawned on us that we’ve never really explored the UK.  We spend so much time marvelling at other countries we don’t appreciate what’s on our own doorstep.  I’m ashamed to say at the age of 36 I’ve never stepped foot in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland.  This, I’m determined to change so after much research we’ve decided to spend a week in a holiday cottage in Wales.  We picked Wales for a number of reasons:

1) It’s within reasonable driving distance of us in east sussex.  With three kids and a dog in the car their are only so many toilet stops you can tollerate!

2) The coast,  I went to University with a girl who raves about the amazing coast line.  Living by the beach as I do, I’m a massive fan of the sea and walks on the beach.

3) Surfing,  My eldest is dying to give surfing a crack.  He’s already akeen kite surfer and apparently cornwall and Wales are the main places in the UK to ‘catch waves’

So with all the above in mind it’s off to Wales.  I’ve located some excellent holiday cottages on and now waiting for my darling Husband to sign off the excursion!


I Love Camber Sands

After working in the financial sector for the best part of my 20’s and early 30’s and now having three children it’s rare my husband and I get time alone together. We do manage to eat out on a regular basis but this is with the children in toe.  However, this year I’ve decided to rectify this and have decided to pack the kids off to my Mother’s for the weekend prior to Valentine’s day.  Unfortunately my plans of escaping to Paris or New York were scuppered by my inability to locate my husband’s passport. So it was closer to home I looked and I’ve eventually settled on my valentine’s day plan.

I can’t take credit for this idea, I stole in from a local website that wrote an article on unusual valentine days close to London.   I’ve booked us into a beautiful hotel in the next town a whole 4 miles away called the George Inn Rye.  From there we’ll head to Rye harbour where we’ll enjoy a ride in a power boat ride (and get to have a drive) around camber sands and out towards the channel. I’m hoping the weather isn’t too cold for this!  Back to the town of Rye where we’ll have a romantic meal in Webbes fish restaurant and then back to relax in the hotel.  The following morning is my treat!  a hot air balloon ride over the rother valley which I’ve wanted to do for ages!

Now all I have to do is work out how to extract the money from our joint bank account to pay for it all!


Hmm... Scallops

I have to take my hat off to whoever is in charge of organising events in Camber Sands & Rye as we have some really interesting weeks throughout the year.  These are usually based around food which makes me especially happy!

Coming up on 25th February – 4th of March in Camber Sands & Rye is Scallops Week.  I missed it last year as I didn’t move down until May so I’m really looking forward to visiting a few restaurants and trying some of the local scallop dishes.

The reason the area has a week dedicated to it is because Rye has one of the few remaining fishing fleets left on the south coast. who, I’ve been told specialise in catching scallops – nothing to do with the fact that’s all they can catch nowadays!

Over twenty restaurants in Camber Sands & Rye will be taking part and I’m determined to get to at least three of them during the course of the week.  My Mother, who considers herself something of a Delia  Smith in the kitchen has booked us into a cookery school for the day at the local Webbes Fish Cafe.  I’m more of an eater than a cooker if I’m honest but no doubt I’ll work up a healthy appetite sweating over the hot stove.

Camber Sands & Rye Bonfire

Rye Bonfire 2011

Other events of note throughout the year include the bonfire night with a procession through the cobbled streets.  Tt involves lots of other bonfire societies from the south coast taking part – they really seem to make an effort with these down here for some reason more so than anywhere else in the country.  It ultimately ends up with ‘Rye’ Faulkes being thrown onto the fire.

For anyone that wishes to attend this event then I’d highly recommend booking your Rye & Camber Sands accommodation early as the hotels and cottages fill up fast with DFL’S

Not exactly what I imagined I’d be doing when I left London last year.  However,  I’m determined to get the children out to enjoy the local countryside and what better place to start than on my local doorstep.  I’ve been down to  the nature reserve a few times and ventured into one of the many bird hides in the vain hope of spotting a dodo or an orville which I was told visited Rye on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I’ve never seen either and the warden informed me this was probably down to the fact that a dodo became extinct in 1690 and orville is infact a puppet- damn that pesky husband and his lies!

Apparently 'Planking' is all the rage

Anyway I digest,  the tour was a three hour walk conducted by a very knowledgeable warden who obviously had a passion for wildlife and a tolerance for children!  We managed to see a perigine which was the highlight of the walk, well for me.  I think Ellie enjoyed what is more commonly known as ‘planking

All in all a very enjoyable day.  Rye nature reserve tends to lay on a lot of guided tours or special events for ‘twitchers’ and kids in the summer holidays.  Most ask for a donation which goes back into the upkeep of the reserve and are well worth the money.