As the Christmas period is well and truly over I convinced my delightful husband that it’s time to start planning our summer holidays.  With three children and a dog to cater for previous experience has told me it pays to plan and book early.  With this in mind we first had to work out a destination.  In the past we’ve loaded up the volvo and headed off to the South of France, Been on the eurostar for a week (yes, a week) at Euro disney and an epic flight to Australia for two weeks touring around the country in a large campervan.

Then it dawned on us that we’ve never really explored the UK.  We spend so much time marvelling at other countries we don’t appreciate what’s on our own doorstep.  I’m ashamed to say at the age of 36 I’ve never stepped foot in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland.  This, I’m determined to change so after much research we’ve decided to spend a week in a holiday cottage in Wales.  We picked Wales for a number of reasons:

1) It’s within reasonable driving distance of us in east sussex.  With three kids and a dog in the car their are only so many toilet stops you can tollerate!

2) The coast,  I went to University with a girl who raves about the amazing coast line.  Living by the beach as I do, I’m a massive fan of the sea and walks on the beach.

3) Surfing,  My eldest is dying to give surfing a crack.  He’s already akeen kite surfer and apparently cornwall and Wales are the main places in the UK to ‘catch waves’

So with all the above in mind it’s off to Wales.  I’ve located some excellent holiday cottages on and now waiting for my darling Husband to sign off the excursion!