Horses riding at Camber Sands Beach

Horses in the winter at Camber Sands Beach

I often see a few horse boxes parked up in the central car park in Camber Sands and I’m sickened with jealously.  a) because I no longer have a horse and b) I usually step in some of the horse poo that litters the car park and beach.  Anyway, putting aside the inability of a number of horse riders to clean up after their animals I thought I’d write a little guide for those coming down to visit Camber Sands for a hack.

When can I ride my horse on Camber Sands Beach

Horses are allowed on the beach at anytime from mid October.  it’s obviously advisable to check the tides as during high tides there is only around 100 metres of beach.  During the low tides you have around 1/4 of a mile from the dunes to the sea to play around on.

From Easter to mid October horses are only allowed on the beach before 8.30am and after 7.30pm.  This is obiously due to the large number of visitors that frequent the area when it’s hot.

A word of warning the ground can change from hard to soft very quickly in some places so it’s advisable to check this prior.  As a general rule if you’re riding horiziontal to the sea then the ground is the same firmness.  It’s when you’re riding towards the sea from the dunes that problems usually occur.

Where can I park my horse box

Central car park is the only viable place for horse boxes and is directly next to the beach.  Prices are up to £5.00 per day and you’ll be expected to purchase two tickets if you’re taking two spaces.