Kate moss suffers for her art at Camber Sands in 1990

I often hear rumours of photo shoots at Camber Sands beach but always seem to miss the actual event.  So far I’ve heard of Bernard Cumberbatch spending time in Rye and on Camber Sands filming the period drama; Parade’s End, The activia advert, an insurance advert and the boyband one direction all appearing in the last year.

Going back a bit further Kate Moss appeared on the beach with photos taken by Corrine Day.  This photo shoot apparently put her on the map. I’m sure she was pleased with the location as Camber Sands is only an hour or so away from her lovely Croydon.

My personal favourite though is the Robert Dowling Pink Floyd cover for their album Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Pontins finally upgrade their accommodation at Camber Sands

I’ve reliably been informed Camber Sands now has a number of companies offering turnaround services on holiday lets that will quote for making those beds.

I’ll be keeping my ear to the group and eyes peeled for the next film shoot.  I’m investing in some 18th century clothing and will be parading up and down the beach so I’ll be able to step in at the last minute should Bernard Cumberbatch need a leading lady in his next period drama.

If any of the twenty four people who have actually read my blog have anymore knowledge of famous film shoots that took place in Camber then please feel free to let me know.