Not exactly what I imagined I’d be doing when I left London last year.  However,  I’m determined to get the children out to enjoy the local countryside and what better place to start than on my local doorstep.  I’ve been down to  the nature reserve a few times and ventured into one of the many bird hides in the vain hope of spotting a dodo or an orville which I was told visited Rye on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, I’ve never seen either and the warden informed me this was probably down to the fact that a dodo became extinct in 1690 and orville is infact a puppet- damn that pesky husband and his lies!

Apparently 'Planking' is all the rage

Anyway I digest,  the tour was a three hour walk conducted by a very knowledgeable warden who obviously had a passion for wildlife and a tolerance for children!  We managed to see a perigine which was the highlight of the walk, well for me.  I think Ellie enjoyed what is more commonly known as ‘planking

All in all a very enjoyable day.  Rye nature reserve tends to lay on a lot of guided tours or special events for ‘twitchers’ and kids in the summer holidays.  Most ask for a donation which goes back into the upkeep of the reserve and are well worth the money.