Running off into the sunset at Camber Sands

I appreciate my posts are a little top heavy with pictures of Camber Sands beach but when you have it on your doorstep it’s foolish not to take advantage.  Prior to moving down to the coast my only experience was sitting in the throngs of traffic on a hot day with the kids crying out ‘are we there yet’  Whilst I do love nothing more than feeling the heat of the sun I’m beginning to like the beach more when there’s a chill in the air (and less people on it).

Today seemed to be one of the last days before the kids go back to school so it was again full of people making the one hour journey down from London during the day.Due to us now being ‘locals’ we managed to capture 20 minutes to ourselves at the end of the day.  My Daughter Ellie is still managing to to have fun despite the thought of school tomorrow.  Thankfully she’s granted me the permission to print her images, although she’ll be consulting her agent about any future royalties!