A gift from the queen or a lost swan?

A quiet Christmas for all the family.  We had a lovely Christmas day lunch in the local gallivant bistro followed by a walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs away and burn a few calories off.  When we returned we noticed the queen had been kind enough to donate a lone Swan to the Whitesands development.  He’s still there four days later and I think a few of the neighbours have taken him under their wing so to speak so I don’t think he’ll be going far while the food keeps flowing.

Sunset at Camber Sands in Christmas

Sunset on a cold Camber Sands day

One of the best things about living by the sea is the amazing sunsets we get at all times of the year.  This one was taken on the 28th of December and is perhaps the best I’ve seen this winter.  I managed to quickly drag the family away from Bedknobs & Broomsticks just in time to see the sun going down.