Hastings Old town

I was lucky enough to have some friends pop down from London today.  Partly to visit me but also to do a bit of Christmas Shopping.  Unfortunately rather than being able to take them around Rye they insisted on meeting in Hastings.  Now, I’ve never been into Hastings before as I’ve had bad reports.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, well, with the old town at least.  It reminds me of ambling down the side streets of Paris with the number of antique and bric & brac stores selling their wares.

The bar at pier 9

We stopped off for a bite to eat in pier nine which is a fantastic little restaurant underneath a hotel on the seafront.  Unfortunately the new part of hastings is very much what you’d expect from a deprived area with a very run down main high street although it does manage to tick all the boxes in terms of high street stores that enabled us to finish off the christmas present list.

Having seen some of the large houses on the seafront I’m half tempted to relocate the family from Camber so we can get our teeth into a restoration project.  Thankfully for the husband I only came back with shopping bags rather than the deeds to a Edwardian terrace.