Only a few people dare brave the beach this Sunday - All mine!

Just as the title describes there was a beautiful rainbow behind the wind turbines when I walked into rye today for a meal at the Union Arms.  Unfortunately my camera phone is didn’t manage to pick it up so a camera it is for Christmas please Santa!  Those that have been to Camber before will know it’s quite a flat landscape up to Rye as it was all under water.  Rye was built as a port and defence to stop the French attacking.  Little did they know that in 500 years the streets would be double parked with French, German and Dutch cars thanks to P&O ferries.

Anyway I digress,  I’m a massive fan of the wind turbines and feel that add a bit of character to an otherwise flat landscape.  If you catch them in the morning on the road from Camber to Rye you’ll often see the clouds breaking above them with the sun reflecting beautifully.

Our meal was very nice and quite cheap for the town of Rye.  Whilst the area has some excellent restaurants they can be quite pricey.  However, the Union arms offer a sunday lunch for £7.50 which I think is very reasonable indeed.

This was followed by a walk on the beach so as you’ll see I’ve posted some obligitory beach/dog shots