Camber Sands in December

At least I think they’re getting higher or I’m getting unfitter.  I managed to pack the Husband and the kids off to the rugby today so I had the whole morning to myself .  I like to get to the beach at least once a week in the winter but the kids aren’t always so eager when the weather is brisk.  I seized the opportunity, strapped the dog in his harness and off we went.  Unfortunately I must have the only dog in Camber that doesn’t like going to the beach so it was a case of me tempting him all the way with treats.

Touch rugby on the beach

As you’ll see it was a nice and cool December’s day with wind and kite surfers out in force.  It was also nice to see a bunch of kids playing touch rugby which is slightly less random than a few weeks ago when everyone seemed to be doing dance moves on the beach.  it transpired that there was an event at the local pontins which explained all the Patrick Swayze moves.

Kite Surfers enjoying the wind